Report a Claim

If You Have a Loss...

Immediately report all accidents/claims to USPS Boat Insurance. You must take all reasonable steps to protect the boat from further damage. Do not start permanent repairs or dispose of damaged parts until the insurance company can inspect the damage. If you fail to follow these instructions you may void your policy and your claim could be denied. Refer to your policy booklet to comply with the requirements set forth by the Company.


Important Contact Numbers:

Normal Business Hour Contact Numbers (Mon-Fri 8:00a.m. - 4:45p.m. Central Time)

USPS Boat Insurance Customer Care (Inside U.S.) - 1.800.763.8777 (option 3)

After Hours Emergency Claims Contact Numbers (Evenings, Holidays & Weekends 24 Hour Claims Service)

Atlantic Specialty - 866-253-0325 or click here to submit an online claim form.

After Hours American Modern / American Southern - 1.800.375.2075 or Click here to submit an On-line Claim Form 

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